Having questions on HDB’s Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)? Here’s some answers.

1. What is HDB’s Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)?

This is the minimum period (5 years for most cases) that a HDB flat owner has to stay after purchasing a BTO or resale HDB flat. If you are not comfortable with the MOP, you may consider rental or purchasing a private property instead of a HDB flat.

2. How do I find out my BTO HDB flat’s Minimum Occupation Period?

Login in to my HDB (https://services2.hdb.gov.sg/webapp/SX05AWSPCP/SX05PSPCPLogin.jsp) with your SingPass, and then go to “My Flat”–>”Purchased Flat”–>”Flat Details”.

Then simply check on the purchase date after clicking “Flat Details” and look at the date of purchase as boxed in red. Simply add 5 years to the date and that’s when your minimum occupation period ends.

Take note that you will be allowed to rent out your whole HDB unit or to sell your flat after this date. Although whole unit rental is restricted during this period, you are allowed to rent out your room. Click here for more info.

3. Do I have to follow MOP if I am buying a resale flat instead of BTO?

For most units, the answer is YES. Click here for more info from HDB.

4. Do I have to follow the MOP if I am not taking any CPF grant for the purchase of my resale HDB? 

The answer is still YES except for 1-room flat. Click here for more info from HDB.

5. My family and I went overseas for 2 years and we had rented out our BTO or resale flat during the period and now we had reached the 5 years period from the purchase date (key collection). Can we start selling our HDB flat?

No. You will need to exclude the 2 years period when you and your family (the occupiers) are not staying in the HDB flat. Click here for more info from HDB.

6. What are the opportunities for me after reaching the MOP?

Moving forward, based on your current situation you may consider to:

Sell – Cash out your HDB flat.

Upgrade – Current HDB flat is too small

Downsize – Cash out the difference (if there is any) from your current unit to a smaller unit that is still comfortable to stay

Purchase a second property – Provided if you are a Singaporean.


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