Four Inexpensive Tips to Sell your Property Fast!

There are various factors that determine the sale and value of a property.

But most will agree that the “better’ ones usually get sold more quickly.

So what makes a property better? There are various factors:

  1. Location
  2. Accessibility to majors roads or public transport (MRT, LRT or buses)
  3. The available amenities
  4. Proximity to Business Parks (For the Investors)
  5. Proximity to Famous schools (For those having a family)
  6. Future plans in the region.

At this point in time, you might be thinking that these are far beyond your control and you will have to resign to fate to sell your property.

However, the good news is that there are still micro factors that you can get involved in and do not cost you much.

So start making your property “better” with these 4 inexpensive tips.

Tip number 1:


Ever walked into any property showroom or IKEA? Do you really see clutters around? I bet that if there are, you will probably not take a second look. The norm would be that things are usually placed neatly and presented in a minimalist manner.

The professionals had probably done lots of research before the presentation and that’s why you should follow too. Simply start clearing the clutters at home yourself! The good thing is that it’s not going to cost you much money and it also prepares you for the next move by removing the unwanted or unnecessary items.

Clutters include:

– No. 1 most forgotten item will be the unwanted furniture that takes up the most space

– Unwanted shoes, cracked plant pots etc that are found on your doorstep and corridor

– Random stationery, sheets or books lying around the house

– Unorganised charging cables and wires

– Kids’ toys found all over the floor

– Messy cabinets.

– Misplaced cutlery & kitchen wares

– Excessive decorative ornaments on the walls or shelves

– Etc.

Trust me, you will see a huge difference once you force yourself to complete the very first tip.


Tip number 2:

Spring clean and fix up everything. 

A thorough clean up goes beyond the usual vacuum and mopping:

– Start cleaning up the corners and gaps that may be filled with hairs, litters, and cobwebs. This applies to both interior and exterior of the house.

– Remove any ant trails and it’s best to locate “it’s origin” and clear it up so it doesn’t appear again especially during viewing.

– Remove any stains on your floor, furniture, even the dust on your shoe rack and random litters.

Inspect the house thoroughly and rectify them:

– Peeling paint

– Cracks in the walls, tiles or even windows

– Leakages on ceiling or pipes, spoilt electronic appliances (including your shaky ceiling fan)

– Etc

You may consider engaging a professional cleaner or handyman if you think that you are not able to manage them on your own.

No buyer or yourself as a buyer would want to see any of these as it gives the impression that the house is not well taken care of.

With these rectified, buyers will definitely have a hard time finding faults to reject or negotiate for a lower price on your property.


Tip number 3:

Depersonalise your property 

Everyone has their own tastes and styles, especially when it comes to decorating a home. You may prefer a bright red wall in the living room but it may not be likable by someone else. Therefore in order to ensure that your property is getting a wider acceptance, it is recommended that you depersonalize the property with these few tricks:

– Paint your wall with a neutral color such as white, off-white or light grey. This also helps to make your place looks new again.

– Remove all decoratives which are related to you and your family

– Remove personal photos, certificates, and awards

– Etc

These are all about neutralizing or removing your personal taste from your home decor in order for the buyers to visualize themselves moving into your property.


Tip number 4:

Transform it into a showroom

After completing all the 3 tips above, now it’s time to work on what will entice the human senses which eventually help to trigger the emotions of the buyer to purchase your property.

1. Well Lit

  • Make sure the windows and curtains are open to allow light in during the day visit.
  • Switch on the lights or installed new lights on dark corners

2. Spacious

  • Re-arrange the remaining furniture if required to maximize the free space of your property. No one wants to get a house that looks cramp.

3. Smell

  • Ensure that your house smells good especially if there are pets. You could bake cookies, light-up scented candles, or run a diffuser with a neutral smelling essential oil.

4. Nice Furniture

  • If your furniture is really worn out or unmatching, you may consider to repaint them or replace them with some pleasant looking second-hand furniture.

5. Audio

  • Trust me turning on a nice soothing music will definitely help to enhance the entire viewing experience.

Well, that’s all for now. I am sure that these tips will make your property “better” in the eyes of the buyers and therefore get sold in a quicker manner.

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